Q: Do you ship to my country?

Most likely yes, I ship internationally. I am  based in the US so shipment costs will be a bit higher if you are located in a different country.
!! If you are inernational, please include your phone number upon checkout for any shipments that include tracking! Depending on where you are, you might have to pay inport duties upon arrival of your package. This is why it's important to include correct info so that they can contact you about it if it applies!!

Q: Why did I only receive my shirt and not my stickers (and vice versa)?

All shirt orders and large prints are fulfilled by an outside printing company and therefore will ship separately than the mini prints/stickers, which I stock myself in house.

Q: My stickers/mini prints didn't arrive.
If you selected for your order to be shipped untracked, please allow up to 4 weeks (domestically within the US) and 6 weeks (international) for your order to arrive.
Usually within the US they will arrive within a week, and internationally they arrive within 2 weeks. However, USPS is currently facing some issues that can impact shipping time.
If it's been longer than the allotted waiting time and your order still isn't here, please email me at [email protected] with your order number and shipping address.

Note that if you did not input your shipping address correctly the first time and it got misdelivered, I will not honor a refund since that is an error on the customer's end. So MAKE SURE ALL YOUR SHIPPING INFO IS CORRECT when you check out!

Q: The tracking number says my package is stuck in transit.
You can either email me about it and I can try to contact the shipping carrier, or you can reach out to the carrier yourself. If it remains stuck in transit after contact, I can send you a replacement or refund.

Q: Did my order ship yet?
You should receive an email once your order ships. Please allow anywhere from 1-5 days for me to send out your order! I run the entire shop by myself on top of my other work so it can take a bit for me to pack everything, especially after new merch drops.

Q: Will you restock ___?
If you want me to be completely honest I don't really know myself. This is mainly because restocking can be quite expensive for certain items (Keychains, holographic prints or stickers, risograph zines). If i do restock them I will announce it on my socials!

Q: Can I cancel/refund my order?
If it hasn't been shipped yet, yes. Just send me an email and I'll refund you minus the transaction fees. If it's been shipped: sorry, I unfortunately can't accept returns. If you're trying to return it due to a defect, please refer to the next question below.

Q: There's a defect in my product/I received the wrong product.
Please send me photos of the defect to [email protected] and I'll send you a replacement free of charge if it's a mini print or sticker (it will be shipped using the same option you selected for the original order - e.g. if you selected tracked your replacement will be tracked). For shirts/larger prints photos are required for me to forward to the printers, you'll get another one free of charge from them and don't worry about returning the defect product.

Q: Can you draw ___ on the envelope?
As long as it's not a super complicated request sure i will give you a doodle. if its too complicated then fuk u no